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Medsignal is a cloud pharmacovigilance platform that allows signal detection and medical evaluation of products in a secure validated product utilizing as appropriate global regulatory databases for disproportionality analyses ensuring a smooth and effective interrogation of the client databases.

Safety Data Visual Analysis

Medsignal offers great value providing a comprehensive analysis of the client safety databases or clinical databases integrating all available information including safety databases.

This enable decision making and benefit risk profiling of products almost instantaneously yet allows the input of medical professionals in the process.

Secure and Private Signal Detection

Medsignal is an analytic tool template for signal detection and medical analysis of existing biotech/client data.

One instance is created per client use on the cloud service avoiding the risk for data contamination and security.

HIPPA and GDPR data compliant

GXP-5 Validated

Visualization of Data

Caparna offers a variety of graphs — box plot, scatterplot, bar graph — as effective means of visualizing data to understand the medical implications.

The visualization of data can be used to show the effectiveness of prescription drugs, the total volume of cases over time, and graphs faceted by certain filters such as age or sex.

Variety of Filters

Users of Caparna will be able to customize filters in order to personalize the data that is delivered to them. Through these filters, the data is more accurate for the patient and can help prevent adverse treatments.

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